Ed McCaffrey Reflects On CMC's Football Journey

As it turns out, Christian McCaffrey was always pretty good at this football thing

Tiki and Tierney
December 19, 2019 - 10:38 am

In case you haven’t noticed, Christian McCaffrey is pretty good at football. After accounting for 1,900+ total yards and 13 touchdowns last season, he has 2,100+ yards and 18 touchdowns this season. And he still has two games to go.

In other words, if he’s not the best running back in football, he’s at least in the conversation.

Ed McCaffrey, who won three Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos, is certainly proud of his son, but he never expected dominance quite like this. That said, CMC dominated the sport even as a kid.

“What you can’t do is project,” Ed McCaffrey said on Tiki & Tierney. “You’re guessing a little bit. Genetics play a part and you can’t really predict what a 9-year-old is going to look like at 19. How big and strong and fast are they actually going to be? But I will say this about Christian: he was this version of himself when he was younger. He was scoring seven or eight touchdowns a game in little league and they won every championship from the time he was 7 until he went through high school. They never lost a championship. So he was always on winning teams, and he was always a great player. But you still can’t project a kid from 9 to 19.”

McCaffrey, 23, starred at Stanford and finished runner-up for the Heisman. Drafted eighth overall in 2017, he has put together three solid, if not spectacular, seasons.

Ed, meanwhile, is one proud papa.

“You just don’t know genetically how they’re going to develop,” he said, “so fortunately he developed and is having a lot of fun doing what he leaves to do.”

McCaffrey needs 389 yards in his final two games to break Chris Johnson’s single-season record for most yards from scrimmage. The Panthers (5-9) play the Colts (6-8) on the road this Sunday and host the Saints (11-3) in Week 17. Both games kick off at 1 p.m. ET.