Eagles OL: We Believe We Can Win The Super Bowl

Lane Johnson expects a big season from Carson Wentz and another deep playoff run for the Eagles

Zach Gelb
May 29, 2019 - 6:20 pm
Carson Wentz Eagles

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After winning the Super Bowl in 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles entered 2018 fully intending to repeat as champions. But they started 2-3 and 4-6, with four of those losses coming by six points or fewer.

Was there a Super Bowl hangover?

“I think there’s a relief factor whenever you win something or overcome an obstacle that you never have. There’s a human factor to kind of take a breath, sit back and say, ‘I made it,’” Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said on The Zach Gelb Show. “It was all a learning experience. We’ve been humbled. I got humbled. A lot of people got humbled. But that’s part of the experience. I think moving forward we’ll use that to our advantage.”

The Eagles, to be fair, won five of their last six games, secured a Wild Card berth and came oh-so-close to returning to the NFC Championship. They lost in the divisional round, 20-14, to New Orleans – a team that beat them 48-7 in November.

Can the Eagles get back to – and win – a Super Bowl this season?

“Most definitely,” Johnson said. “That’s the goal. A lot of people say that, but do they really believe it? I think we believe it. Even as bad as last year got, if you turn the table and lose your starting quarterback, lose half of their secondary – if not all of their secondary – we’ll see what they’ll do. It’s a testament to our will to win. I think our will is there. It’s just, with every season, you have to have luck with injuries. That’s really it.”

Johnson said that winning a Super Bowl is the “ultimately eclipse” and “what football is all about.” That said, he’s never worn his Super Bowl ring.

“The point is to enjoy it with the team,” he said. “That’s really all you have when it’s all over with. That’s something I try to keep in perspective – kind of what it’s all about. So we’re excited and looking for a big year.”

Johnson anticipates a great year from Carson Wentz, who hasn’t played a full season since 2016. In fact, many fans and analysts felt the Eagles should have kept Nick Foles and made Wentz the backup.

Johnson, though, is more than confident in Wentz’s ability to get the job done.

“I’m expecting big things,” he said. “Part of being in the NFL is a journey. Every year is different. If people are trying to throw you in the dirt, just remember that and use it as fuel. I think it’s a good motivating factor.”

Click below to listen to Johnson’s interview in its entirety and hear about his $500,000 donation to Kilgore College, where he played quarterback.