NFL writer on Wentz: “The inaccuracy is terrible for a fifth-year quarterback”

Carson Wentz is making the same mistakes he made as a rookie, Jeff Kerr says, and Jalen Hurts’ time “may be coming sooner than we think”

September 22, 2020 - 8:45 am
Carson Wentz Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles have struggled out of the gate this season, in large part due to Carson Wentz.

Wentz has taken eight sacks and thrown four interceptions through two games. The Eagles, unsurprisingly, are 0-2, having lost to Washington and the Rams by a combined 28 points.

What is going on with Wentz?

“My issue with Wentz is he’s making the same mistakes he was making his rookie year,” CBS Sports NFL writer Jeff Kerr told JR SportBrief. “I don’t know if it’s confidence. I don’t know if he’s a guy who needed more preseason reps. I don’t know if Jalen Hurts is an issue. . . . He’s sailing passes. When he doesn’t plant his foot right, he tends to sail a lot of passes. The inaccuracy is terrible for a fifth-year quarterback.”

Wentz is completing a career-low 58.8 percent of his passes this season.

“If Josh Allen can throw a football better, Carson Wentz can throw a football better,” Kerr said. “I don’t know if it’s just not working out in Philly for him anymore. Yeah, he’s got a lot of young receivers, but he has DeSean Jackson, he has Zach Ertz, he has Miles Sanders, he has Dallas Goedert. The offensive line was better [in Week 2]. The play-calling was fine. Doug Pederson balanced that out. He corrected his mistakes from Week 1. But it just seems like when Carson Wentz has a bad game, he has a really bad game.”

A couple of years ago, Wentz was an MVP candidate. He looked like one of the top young quarterbacks in the game.

The last couple of seasons, however, haven’t been as promising.

“He’s been average. He’s been exactly average,” Kerr said. “That’s what bothers me about this. He’s down near the bottom in passer rating. He’s down near the bottom in completion percentage. Yards per play is down near the bottom. It’s interesting for a city like Philadelphia to basically want Nick Foles back when Nick Foles was the guy who won them the Super Bowl and then he leads them to the playoffs the next year and now you got Jalen Hurts. If this keeps up, Jalen Hurts’ time may be coming sooner than we think."