Daniels: D-Wade Had Better Career Than Dirk

Antonio Daniels didn't want to answer this question, but Brandon Tierney left no other option

Tiki and Tierney
April 11, 2019 - 6:41 pm
Dirk Nowitzki Dwyane Wade

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Antonio Daniels dropped by Tiki & Tierney on Thursday and was greeted with a tough question right out of the chute: 

Dwyane Wade. Dirk Nowitzki. Who had the better career?

“Oh, man, see, I don’t like doing this,” Daniels said, laughing. “You’re going to throw me under the bus to start (the interview).”

Not at all, Brandon Tierney insisted. Just a tough question that requires a tough answer.

“If I had to say one, if I have to pick, I would say Dwyane Wade because he had three championships and he’s also the third-best shooting guard – arguably, debatable – of all time,” Daniels said. “But if you say Dwyane Wade, you’re discrediting Dirk, and if you say Dirk Nowitzki, you’re discrediting Dwyane Wade. Both of those guys were fantastic. They had amazing, first-ballot Hall of Fame careers.”

Indeed, both put up unreal numbers and boast unreal accolades and accomplishments.

“Dirk completely revolutionized the power-forward position – completely changed the position as a whole,” Daniels said. “And Dwyane Wade, you can argue that he’s possibly the best two-guard under 6-5 to ever play the game – ever play the game. So both them are fantastic.”

When splitting hairs, however, Daniels gives the guy with more rings the nod.

“Dwyane Wade had three championships; Dirk had one,” Daniels said. “So when you start speaking on greatness – and what separates greatness when you get into that stratosphere – it usually comes back to rings.”

Tierney, though, believes Nowitzki had the better career, pointing out that Dirk was more durable.

“You can say durability,” Daniels said, “but Dwyane Wade also played the game at a very reckless pace. To make it playing that long playing that hard, and then to have an opportunity to recreate himself when he was no longer Flash – but still effective – you got to give credit to that as well.”

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