DraftKings' Johnny Avello Discusses Growth Of Sports Betting

Earlier this week, New Hampshire became the latest state to offer sports betting

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 02, 2020 - 11:26 am
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DraftKings Head of Sportsbook Johnny Avello dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss the growth of sports wagering, among other topics. 

New Hampshire became the latest state to offer sports betting, this after approving a six-year contract with DraftKings. Sports betting is legal in 14 states and has been approved – but is not yet up and running – in six more.

Big change in the world of sports betting? You betcha.

“For me, it’s a huge change, as well as anybody else that hasn’t worked in Las Vegas in the industry,” Avello said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Las Vegas was the only place where you could make a sports wager, except for a couple of places like Delaware that was doing it a little differently. But if you really wanted to play the games and different types of offerings, you had to go to Vegas. And now here we are. DraftKings, we opened up the New Jersey book back in July 2018, and here we are a year-and-a-half later and we have eight books and looking forward to a whole bunch more coming up this year. So how has it changed? Its change is that it’s not in one place anymore. It’s in a town near you.”

Legalized sports betting has been on the rise since 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court paved the way for states to allow sports betting.

Avello never envisioned growth like this.

“Honestly, no,” he said. “I didn’t think that it would probably happen outside of Nevada. I said, ‘I don’t think it’s ever going to become legal. The states just don’t want it.’ And so, I didn’t see it happening. I felt pretty confident that court case was going to reverse it. That’s when I was more optimistic than I’ve ever been.”

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