Beebe: Norwood "Hit It Right Where He Wanted To Hit It"

Scott Norwood came oh-so-close to giving the Bills a win in Super Bowl XXV

The DA Show
January 23, 2020 - 10:26 am

Not many NFL players can say they’ve played in a Super Bowl. Well, Don Beebe played in six. 

The former wide receiver was a member of the 1990s Bills, who won four straight AFC Championships, and he later won a pair of NFC Championships with Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.

The Bills, of course, came up empty in their four trips to the Super Bowl, and the first one came down to the final seconds. Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal with eight seconds to go, and the Giants won, 20-19.

“He hit it right where he wanted to hit it,” Beebe said on The DA Show. “Frank Reich was the holder, and I remember talking to him afterward. He said, ‘He hit it right where he wanted to.’ Pregame, he was hitting them out and it was hooking in for him. So when he hit that thing, Frank said, ‘Oh, it’s in.’ And the thing just stayed out. It would not come in. Scott actually hit the exact kick he wanted to hit. It was just unfortunate. That’s not why we lost. Why we lost, we just couldn’t get them off the field. Give Parcells and Belichick [credit]. They’re smart guys, and they’re really good coaches.”

Had Norwood made that kick, D.A. wonders if the Bills would have won another Super Bowl in the coming years. As the Super Bowl losses mounted, however, it became harder for the Bills to get over the hump.

“From an emotional standpoint, yes,” Beebe said. “I think that we were clearly the best team in the AFC at that time. I don’t think anybody can argue that point. I think it would have helped us to be able to handle the emotion of the game, and yes, I do believe it’s possible that we could have went on a stretch of three to four. The only thing that would have kept us from that is would we have gotten complacent in winning one or two like a lot of teams do? That’s a question nobody’s ever going to know.”

After their one-point loss to the Giants, the Bills lost 37-24 to Washington, 52-17 to Dallas and 30-13 to Dallas. The Bills struggled to stop the run in each of those games.

“The other part that’s based on emotion is tackling,” Beebe said. “The Washington Redskins just shoved it right down our throat. Emmitt Smith and the Cowboys just shoved it right down our throat. We were getting beat physically. That’s an emotional thing, and we just got flat.”

While Beebe ultimately won a Super Bowl with the Packers, he and his Bills teammates remain proud of winning four consecutive AFC titles.

“We don’t mind talking about it,” he said. “We really don’t. When you’re the first to do something in history – and the only one to do it – that’s special. To go to four Super Bowls in a row, it’s insane.”