Dave Roberts: I Wouldn't Change A Thing

The Dodgers are seeking their third straight World Series appearance. Is this the year they finally get over the hump?

Reiter Than You
September 26, 2019 - 7:48 am

The Los Angeles Dodgers (102-56) have been the best team in baseball this year. They could win the NL West by 20+ games and their plus-254 run differential is the best in the majors.

The Dodgers have made the playoffs seven years in a row and are seeking their third consecutive World Series appearance. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the year they get over the hump and win their first World Series since 1988.

“A lot of the players are the same, but every situation is different; every moment is different,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said on Reiter Than You. “I think experience and what you’ve been through, the emotions, you learn from it. But I think that you still have to watch your eyes and get the information and make decisions. But as far as what we’ve done as far as process and how we’ve played, I wouldn’t change a thing. Obviously the result, we’ve come up a little short the last couple of years, but I’m very proud of our guys and the organization of how we’ve played (to) hopefully put us in that same position this year and get across that finish line.”

Having home-field advantage throughout the playoffs will certainly help. The last time the Dodgers had home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, they came within one game of winning the World Series.

“You approach every season differently but with the same goal in mind, and that’s to win a championship,” Roberts said. “It puts you in the best position to accomplish your goal. Now that we’ve taken care of that, the focus is what it always should be: to continue to play good, focused baseball. We’re trying to get to the postseason on a high note feeling good about ourselves as far as health and the way we’re playing. That whole thought of dialing it up or flipping a switch, we just don’t believe in that here.”

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