Dodgers Analyst: World Series Hangover Is A Real Thing

The Dodgers didn't score a run until their third game of the season

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
April 02, 2018 - 9:37 am

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The Los Angeles Dodgers outscored the San Francisco Giants 14-2 during their four-game series to open the season. Based on that information, you would think that the Dodgers are 4-0 or, at worst, 3-1.

Nope. They’re 2-2, this after dropping the first two games of the season 1-0. Joe Panik provided all of the scoring in those games, homering off Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen to give San Francisco a 2-0 start to the season.

The Dodgers won 104 games last season and advanced to the World Series for the first time since 1988. It’s kind of surprising that they didn’t score a run until the third game of the season, no?

Maybe, maybe not.

“Internally in the locker room and the clubhouse, the Dodgers players are saying they felt like the team was nervous to start the series,” NBCLA Dodgers insider Michael Duarte said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “The Opening Day jitters and getting back and having the World Series hangover, it kind of feels like a real thing, that nerves may have come into play a little bit. Yasiel Puig described it as they were sleeping through the first two games and they finally woke up.”

The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-0 and 9-0 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, meaning L.A.’s starters and relievers combined to allow just one run apiece in the four-game series. While the 2-2 split was disappointing, the Dodgers certainly have the arms for another successful season.

“I heard a lot of players saying that at the end of the day, the last two games they feel like they’re back to playing baseball again and all the distractions are now gone,” Duarte said. “It was a bit surprising because you go through spring training, you get back into baseball routine and the habit. For the body to get used to waking up really early and playing a game at 1 in the afternoon to then all of a sudden having to switch to the evening was odd, so the fact that they do that three-game freeway series with the Angels the final three preseason games, I think, kind of helps acclimate and adjust the body to that. 

“So I really thought there wouldn’t be like a hangover or a malaise or anything like that,” Duarte continued. “I think it was just Opening Day jitters and nerves (that) kind of carried over into those first two games. But I do give Johnny Cueto credit. He pitched a great game (last Friday).

Cueto pitched seven shutout innings and allowed just one hit while striking out four.

The Dodgers play their next six games on the road – three at Arizona (2-1) and three at San Francisco (2-2) – before retuning home for a two-game series with Oakland (1-3) on April 10.