Hanna: "Dream Come True" To Make Film On Tony Romo

Chris Hanna discusses his new documentary, which chronicles Romo's upbringing, career and heritage, among other themes

October 02, 2019 - 9:24 am
Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

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Director Chris Hanna dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his new film, “Now or Never: A Tony Romo Story,” which chronicles Romo’s upbringing in Burlington, Wisconsin, and his journey to becoming the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

Hanna said “it was a dream come true” to make a documentary about one of his sports heroes.

“Being from a small town in El Paso, I always had a love for film, for documentaries and of course for sports,” Hanna said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I was a Cowboys fan since day one.”

Hanna pulled back the curtain on Romo’s life, childhood and Mexican heritage. Interestingly, he grew up wanting to be a soccer player but switched to football as a sophomore in high school.

“You have these ideas of what you think went on as he kind of climbed up the ladder to the NFL, but it was completely different,” Hanna said. “You don’t really know the entire story until you get to the grassroots of it and you really ask the people that were there since day one.”

Romo also reflected on his career, including his heartbreaking – and controversial – playoff loss to the Packers in 2015. Romo wishes he had won a Super Bowl, but he knows how fortunate he is in life.

“Throughout his career, he’s had plenty of injuries, he’s had plenty of losses and he’s had the great wins,” Hanna said. “Everything kind of has balance in his career, and he brings that balance into his life. He doesn’t stop fighting and keeps on coming back. By no means are we saying he’s the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, but he for sure was one of the best ones. He definitely brought this energy and this feeling of greatness to (the Cowboys). Tony Romo was something great to watch.”

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