Watson: "We're Very Close" To Reaching Super Bowl

Deshaun Watson sized up the Texans' Super Bowl chances next season and shared his thoughts on Dabo's Michael Jordan comparison

Reiter Than You
January 31, 2019 - 12:33 pm

USA Today Images


Two years ago, Dabo Swinney compared Deshaun Watson to Michael Jordan, saying that any team that passed on him in the NFL Draft would regret it. That was a bold and aggressive comparison from the Clemson coach.

And Watson had no problem with it.

“I guess it depends how you look at it,” Watson said on Reiter Than You. “Coach Swinney knows me. He sees the ability that I have. Tom Brady, he’s going for his sixth. He’s played 19 years. I’ve only played a year-and-a-half, two years in this league. If I’m blessed enough to play that long, I want to be compared to Michael Jordan at the end of my career. 

“But I guess it depends on how the athlete takes it,” Watson continued. “I didn’t take it the way where I need to be that way. I want to be my own person. Whenever I’m finished with my career, I want people to be like, ‘Hey, I want to be like Deshaun Watson.’ For me, I didn’t put pressure on myself. I knew what Swinney was thinking about because I’ve been around him for so long.”

The Texans finished 11-5 this season and won the AFC South before losing to the Colts, 21-7, in the Wild Card. Watson completed 68.3 percent of his passes for 4,165 yards, 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He also ran for 551 yards and five scores.

The Texans have finished with a winning record in six of the last eight seasons but haven’t gotten past the divisional round. How close is this team to reaching the Super Bowl?

“We’re very close,” Watson said. “We’re right there. We just need to find that missing part, whatever it is. We have the locker room, we have the coaching staff, we have the people, the city, the fans – we have everything we need. But if we’re missing that one extra piece – it might even be health. If all the receivers are healthy and everyone else is healthy, we didn’t have that towards the end, especially on the offensive side. Things like that, we’re right there. I feel like we can do it next year. The arrow is pointing up, which is a good thing.”