Derek Carr Will Be Raiders' Quarterback In 2019

Oakland parted ways with Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, but Carr may have secured his place as the team's franchise quarterback

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
December 11, 2018 - 9:02 am

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From Khalil Mack to Amari Cooper, the Oakland Raiders have parted ways with elite talent on both sides of the ball this season, leading many to speculate that Derek Carr could be the next casualty in the Raiders’ rebuild.

It appears that won’t be the case.

“Derek Carr will be the quarterback for 2019,” Las Vegas Journal Review reporter Michael Gehlken said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Derek Carr should be the quarterback well beyond that. These past eight games – zero interceptions, the win that he led the Raiders to on Sunday – seemed to secure his place as the team’s franchise quarterback.”

The Raiders are a deeply flawed team. Yet, they almost beat the Chiefs in Week 13 and did beat the Steelers in Week 14.

“It was huge,” Gehlken said. “It was huge. It kind of felt like a win the week before when they lost 40-33 to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a sense of accomplishment. Even though players tell you there are no moral victories and it’s just about winning, they are finding reasons for enjoyment.”

That wasn’t the case just a couple of weeks ago when the Raiders started 1-8 and lost almost every game by double digits.

“Midseason, it was pretty dreary here in Oakland,” Gehlken said. “I’m talking pretty upbeat for a guy covering a 3-10 team. I realize that. But I think there’s something to a foundation before the results. The 49ers across the Bay, they believe they have that at 3-10. There is that quiet belief that they’re on the right track. And the Raiders, even though there are a lot of guys on this roster that won’t be here next year, they still feel like by the way that they’re training, by the way that they’re competing, that they’re setting the building blocks of something better to come.”

The Raiders play the Bengals (5-8) in Cincinnati this Sunday. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.