Dodd On Maryland: "I've Never Seen Anything More Heinous"

Maryland reinstated D.J. Durkin as head coach Tuesday

Reiter Than You
October 31, 2018 - 8:50 am

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The University of Maryland reinstated D.J. Durkin as head coach Tuesday, despite the fact that a player, Jordan McNair, died under his care in June. Strength coach Rick Court had previously been fired, but Durkin’s reinstatement was, in a word, stunning.

“I’ve been doing this more than 30 years, going into my fourth decade, and I’ve never seen anything more heinous,” college football writer Dennis Dodd said on Reiter Than You." A kid dies on the watch of the head coach. In the corporate world, he’d be fired just because he let it happen on his watch. But it took the school two investigations and five months to basically say, ‘Nothing to see here. Everybody gets their job back – except the mean strength coach who threw vomit at players. Everything’s good.’ I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Several Maryland players posted displeasure with the decision via Twitter.

“Forget about whatever the media says,” Dodd said. “Think about the players who walked out of that meeting (Tuesday) when Durkin was reinstated. That’s all you have to know about what happened today at Maryland.”

In other news, the College Football Playoff unveiled its first set of rankings Tuesday night, with Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Notre Dame in the top four. Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington State, Kentucky and Ohio State rounded out the top 10.

“I don’t think that’s any surprise to anybody,” Dodd said of the top four. “I want to know what Michigan’s path is to the top four if LSU wins Saturday. I don’t think Alabama drops out of the top four. How can you do that with what they’ve done this year? The eye test is the same as last year: they’re one of the best teams in the country. If they lose by a field goal at LSU and win the rest of their games, how do you keep them out? I don’t know if you can. Then you’re comparing them to a Michigan who may have won 12 in a row at that point? Oklahoma who goes 12-1? If LSU wins, that’s very bad for the Big Ten.”

UCF, which has won 20 games in a row, opened at No. 12.

“I’m ready for UCF Nation to implode,” Dodd said. “They are still harboring hope that they will be in the top four. I don’t think it’s good news for UCF.”