Dodd: Alabama, Clemson Have Separated Themselves

If you want to win a national title, you're likely going to have to beat at least one of these programs

Reiter Than You
January 03, 2019 - 8:43 am

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No. 1 Alabama (14-0) and No. 2 Clemson (14-0) will meet in the College Football Playoff for the fourth straight season, including the third time in the national championship.

Some people feel that is bad for college football. Dennis Dodd does not. 

“It will be successful,” the college football writer said on Reiter Than You. “People will watch because the people watch the Cowboys, they watch the Yankees and Red Sox, they watch the Thunder, they watch the Warriors, they watch the Cavaliers, they watch LeBron – it’ll do a number on TV because of that. There is large speculation you’re going to see empty seats Monday night because it’s a big ask for the fans of both those teams to fly across the country. The cost is prohibitive to fly and stay in that area – especially when they’ve seen it before. The ticket prices are depressed. 

“But all the people that are invested in his care about is the number – and I’m talking about a ratings number,” Dodd continued. “It’ll do a good number because of Nick Saban, Dabo – these are brand names now. People know Trevor Lawrence, they know Tua – he’s a single-name athlete now – and they’ll watch. It’ll do a great number, I think.

Alabama has won two of its three playoff meetings with Clemson, but Dodd believes the Dabo Swinney could even the score Monday night.

“I think they’ve got a shot,” Dodd said. “I think Trevor Lawrence is special. This is why Dabo Swinney took the risk of losing Kelly Bryant. Worst-case scenario, Trevor Lawrence gets three shots at Alabama – because that’s what this game has become about. These two teams have separated themselves. For the foreseeable future, the championship goes through these two schools. Dabo is willing to take his chances with Trevor Lawrence. It looks like a brilliant move now. He’s the guy that can beat Alabama with his arm, ot his legs, but Kelly Bryant couldn’t beat Alabama with his arm. So I think he’ll take his chances.”