Dee Ford Penalty Will Stick With Reid For A While

Andy Reid and the Chiefs were one penalty away from the Super Bowl

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 22, 2019 - 10:09 am

USA Today Images


With less than a minute to go in the AFC Championship on Sunday, Kansas City’s Charvarius Ward intercepted Tom Brady to clinch a Super Bowl berth for the Chiefs.

Only he didn’t.

Because Dee Ford lined up in the neutral zone.

“The offsides, (Andy Reid) said he thought was a legitimate penalty,” Kansas City Star Chiefs reporter Lynn Worthy said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I know some folks around Kansas City wondered if that was a legit call from a certain angle, but he said, no, he definitely thought it was a legit penalty.”

But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been prevented.

“(Reid) did also point out that usually when you got a guy who’s close to lining up to offsides – as opposed to jumping – that you might get little bit of a heads-up from the officials, give him a chance to adjust and bump back so he doesn’t get called for that offsides,” Worthy said. “Clearly that offsides wiped away the interception that would have sealed the game.”

The Patriots won in overtime, sending Tom Brady to his ninth Super Bowl. 

As for Reid? More heartbreak.

“I think just being on the doorstep of it was something that definitely hit him and is probably going to sit with him for a little while,” Worthy said. “But also not being able to get off the field late in the game defensively, the first half they didn’t score points – those are all things that you could point back to. But late in the game, the offsides was definitely a crucial one – and one that people are going to remember.”