DeCourcy On Virginia/Auburn: "The Correct Team Won"

Auburn may feel aggrieved, Michael DeCourcy said, but Virginia earned its spot in the title game

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
April 08, 2019 - 9:11 am
Kyle Guy Virginia

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Certain college basketball fans will tell you that Auburn was robbed of a trip to the national championship on Saturday. They’ll tell you that Auburn beat Virginia fair and square and that poor officiating – first a no-call, then a wrong call – determined the outcome of the game.

Well, Michael DeCourcy says you’re wrong. The Sporting News NCAAM insider texted his friend – a Division I referee – right after Auburn’s Samir Doughty was called for a foul against Virginia’s Kyle Guy in the closing seconds of the Final Four.

“He told me immediately – he texted me right back – and he said, ‘That’s a foul every time,’” DeCourcy said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “He said that if you are a jump-shooter, there is no such thing as incidental contact. Because of the fact that you are away from the goal, it’s understood that contact on a shooter away from the goal is much more affecting than closer up. The farther away you move, the more contact affects you.”

The contact affected Guy, who drilled three free throws to give Virginia its first title game berth in program history. 

“(The referee) said it was a very gutsy call to make, and he thought the official who did that did the absolute right thing,” DeCourcy said. “I concur. I did not have a problem with that.”

But the foul on Guy never should have happened, angry fans will say, because Ty Jerome should have been whistled for a double-dribble a few seconds prior.

“It’s correct. He did double-dribble,” DeCourcy said. “However, they also missed a personal foul in advance of the double dribble that Auburn was actually trying to commit – and they did. They didn’t call it. That sort of canceled each other out. I think that as a result of all that mess, the correct team won, the team that earned it. I know that Auburn feels aggrieved. It was a tough way to lose a game. But they played five games in this tournament and they fouled a three-point shooter at the buzzer in two of them. It’s not an isolated incident.”

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