DeAngelo Hall Names Best Trash-Talker He Played Against

DeAngelo Hall reflected on the top trash-talking wide receivers of his era

Reiter Than You
August 21, 2019 - 5:57 pm

DeAngelo Hall was a first-round draft pick and played 14 seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Washington Redskins. He was a three-time Pro Bowler and one of the best trash-talkers in the game.

That title now belongs to Jalen Ramsey.

“Jalen is one of the best talkers that I’ve seen,” Hall told Bill Reiter. “I was known as a little bit of a talker. Me and Chad Johnson had some really good battles. Me and Steve Smith had some really good battles as well, just chirping back forth.”

Hall, 35, said all of his trash talk was spontaneous.

“No rehearsed lines,” he said. “It was all improv – just whatever came to mind, witty little comebacks when somebody says something to you. You really got to be able to think on your toes if you want to be a good trash talker. You can’t go in with rehearsed lines.”

Hall said that Chad Johnson was the best trash-talking wide receiver he played against.

“We used to have some good ones,” Hall said. “Some stuff I can’t even remember. He’d just say something and I’d have a quick response right back for him, and we’re just going back and forth. But it was always friendly banter because we were really good friends off the field, and so we were able to bring that competitive spirit. He wanted to beat the heck out of me, I wanted to try to knock his head off too, so it made for really good football. We were able to laugh about it when it was all said and done.”