Daymond John: "Nobody Plays Well If They're Unhappy"

The "Shark Tank" star shared his thoughts on Tom Brady's New England exit

March 24, 2020 - 9:40 am
Tom Brady Bill Belichick Patriots

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We may never know exactly why Tom Brady left New England, or what he said to Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick on the way out. In the end, the split may benefit both parties. Brady gets a change of scenery in the twilight of his career, and the Patriots can turn the page on a historic chapter in NFL history.

But make no mistake: legacies will be altered.

“From face value and the way they said they felt like he was a son to them, if you have somebody who’s given you a whole bunch of rings . . . I have no idea what the reason is,” Shark Tank star Daymond John said on JRSportBrief, trying to make sense of the split. “What’s your upside? He’s not going to play well if he’s unhappy. Nobody plays well, whether it’s in a marriage or it’s an entrepreneur I’m invested in. Nobody plays well if they’re unhappy.”

Brady spent 20 seasons in New England. He led the Patriots to nine Super Bowl appearances and six Super Bowl titles, winning three NFL MVPs and four Super Bowl MVPs along the way. On the one hand, it will be strange to see him in another uniform. On the other hand, many fans and analysts saw this coming.

“The boss is the last person to find out,” John said. “You’ve already got another person’s jersey on, and the boss is the last person to find out. I think that’s the only way it could have happened: let Tom do what he wanted to do and let everybody else deal with it, but celebrate the good times and move on.”

Kraft and Belichick are synonymous with winning. Brady, of course, was a big part of that. But what happens if the Pats stumble while Brady leads Tampa Bay to new heights? Does history view Kraft and Belichick differently? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, the Patriots need to find Brady’s replacement – and sooner rather than later.

“You know what it also does to the owner?” John asked. “It makes him put his big-boy pants on and get ready to nurture somebody else the right way instead of saying, ‘I got Tom.’ It is what it is.”