David Shaw Guarantees CFB Playoff Will Be Expanded

Stanford HC Discusses Changes To Playoff In Future

Reiter Than You
September 06, 2019 - 8:30 am
David Shaw

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Stanford head coach David Shaw joined Reiter Than You on CBS Sports Radio Thursday and talked about the College Football Playoff. While it's currently at four teams, Shaw is all in favor for that changing to include more teams. In fact, he's confident it will be changed.

"I'm certain. I'm guaranteeing it. It's going to happen," Shaw said on CBS Sports Radio. "We're not going to stay at four teams forever. At some point, we are going to move to a six or eight team schedule, which I think is what we are ready for. We needed to get that way from BCS. We needed the four-team playoff and I was in favor of it then, I'm in favor of it now. I just know eventually we're going to evolve because every single year, there's at least one, if not two, if not three teams that have a legitimate defensible position as they state that they should be in the playoff. It's hard to have a legitimate playoff when you have legitimate people that are being left out of it.

Scheduling is a big factor as well in the decision. Some teams just end up having a tougher schedule than others and don't get the chance to get in with just four teams. 

"Once again for us in our conference, yes I'd love to see conferences play a similar schedule. I'm less likely to say that's necessary if every major conference and two at large bids have an opportunity to get into the playoff," said Shaw. "That way I think, hey if we win our conference, even with a hellacious schedule and you end up with two losses, you don't have to worry about beating out that second SEC team because you shouldn't have to compete with them, because we're only competing in our conference. We should be able to win our conference, get a ticket to the dance and everybody else wins their conference and we can have two at large bids which leaves it open for a school like UCF a couple years ago that would get an invitation, for a team like Notre Dame who is an independent. So you leave some spots open outside the power five to make sure that we have the top eight teams in America go in to that playoff." 

Once schedules become more equal for the major programs, it could lead to a change across the board, which would be huge for the sport. 

"As a lifetime college football fan, I just keep saying the same things for me, which is we need to have equity in scheduling," said Shaw. "That's the biggest thing. Perception is going to be hard to change overnight, but to have equity in scheduling to say we're out here on the west coast, we're playing nine conference games and a really tough out of conference schedule, you're going to have a tougher time matching the same record as someone who plays an eight game conference schedule and maybe a lesser out of conference schedule because they get credit for being in that conference. That's not going to change overnight. The biggest thing for us on our plate right now is that we have to win. You have to win your conference. You have to get into the playoff. If you want to change people's minds, it can't just be this year, it has to be every year. You look across college football and say man, there are a lot of great teams in college football and here are two on the west coast that are just as good as those in the southeast or in the Big 10."

Shaw's Stanford Cardinal is No. 23 in the nation after defeating Northwestern 17-7 in their first game of the season last weekend. They take on No. 18 UCF on the road on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET.