David Cone: I Wouldn't Bet Against Derek Jeter

Jeter is off to a rough start in Miami, but Cone believes he'll eventually turn things around

Zach Gelb
May 20, 2019 - 10:20 am
Derek Jeter Miami Marlins

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David Cone dropped by The Zach Gelb Show to discuss his career, his perfect game, his book – Full Count: Education of a Pitcher – and, yes, former teammate Derek Jeter.

Cone and Jeter were teammates in New York from 1995 to 2000, winning four World Series titles together. Jeter, of course, is now CEO of the Marlins, who have the worst record (13-31) in baseball. 

That might be because Jeter traded Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, among others, in his new role, and the Marlins have scored the fewest runs in the majors this season.

Will Jeter ever be able to right the ship in Miami?

“I know one thing about Derek Jeter, and that is that I personally would never bet against him,” Cone said. “Even though the start to his ownership of the Marlins has been bumpy – and the trades he made have certainly rankled the feathers down there – he really was always highly motivated to be an owner. I think he wanted to make a statement culturally (as a) bi-racial (owner). I think he wants to lead the charge. He’s always been a leader. He wanted to be part of an ownership group that really made a statement.

“So this means a lot to Derek Jeter,” Cone continued. “He’s in it for the long run. Before it’s over, I would not bet against him. I think he’ll find a way to turn that franchise around.”

But that doesn’t mean the turnaround will be easy – or quick.

“Boy, he’s got a monumental task,” Cone said. “In that market and the start he’s gotten off to, I think it’s probably a little more than even he even envisioned. Certainly a part of me that is a friend of Derek kind of worries about him at this point. But another part of me that really knows him that well knows that you just do not bet against Derek Jeter.”

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