Hall On Reid: "It Has To Be Eating Him Alive"

Andy Reid has never won a Super Bowl. Lifting the Lombardi is his main motivation, Dante Hall says

Taz and the Moose
December 11, 2018 - 10:18 am

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Dante Hall spent the majority of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. As a result, he wants them to win a Super Bowl.

But he also wants to see Andy Reid win a Super Bowl.

“It would mean a lot,” Hall said on Taz & The Moose. “You want to see the good guys in this league win, and I want to see him get that moniker off his back as far as being a guy that is just a regular-season coach: wins in the regular season, but never gets it done (in the playoffs). I think Andy Reid not only had the IQ and the cache, but I just think he’s a good, good guy, and I would like to see him win.”

Reid has coached in five championship games and one Super Bowl but has never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. 

And yes, that bothers him.

“Oh, absolutely,” Hall said. “As human beings, in any walk of life, you know what’s said about you. You know what the rhetoric is about you as far as your shortcomings. He’s heard the chatter and the noise. He knows.”

While Reid seems introverted, he is nevertheless an intense competitor.

“He speaks really nice, he’s not a vulgar type of coach – but deep down, inside, this guy is a competitor,” Hall said. “And as a competitor, I know it has to be eating him alive that he’s had all of this success and all of the accolades, but yet, he doesn’t have the big accolade. I think that’s why he’s still doing it. I think that’s why he gets up every morning and goes to work – to win that trophy.”

Hall was also asked about Tyreek Hill, who has 74 catches for 1,258 yards and 11 touchdowns this season. Hall and Hill are often compared due to their stature and quickness, but Hall believes Hill is a better player than he was.

“I see a No. 1 receiver,” Hall said. “People like to compare us – and I get it because he came in as a return man and all of those things. But I just got to give praise where praise is due. This guy is a legitimate No. 1 receiver. I wasn’t a No. 1 receiver. I could give you No. 1 plays here and there, but I was definitely not a No. 1 receiver. That’s what I see in this guy. He’s more than just a return man. He can run all the routes, he’s good with his hands, he makes contested catches – he’s the new AB. He’s the new Antonio Brown, if you ask me.”

The Chiefs (11-2) host the Chargers (10-3) this Thursday in a pivotal AFC West matchup. Kickoff is at 8:20 p.m. ET.