Kanell: Ohio State Fans "Getting Chesty"

Danny Kanell got into a Twitter beef with some Ohio State fans this week; it wasn't pretty

Tiki and Tierney
October 08, 2019 - 10:55 am

Each week, CBS Sports Network analyst Danny Kanell releases his college football rankings on Twitter. This week, he has Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Oklahoma first through fourth, respectively.

And some Ohio State fans did not like it.

“They are getting a little chesty,” Kanell said on Tiki & Tierney. “They want to puff out their chest and start talking a little bit, and they deserve to. They’ve been awesome, including another win that they chalked up against Michigan State – which, to me, was probably the best test they’ve had this year.”

The Buckeyes (6-0) beat Sparty 34-10 in Columbus on Saturday and have won their last five games by a combined 251-32. Kanell finds that impressive, which is why he has Ohio State No. 3.

“Apparently that isn’t high enough,” he said. “Their biggest beef is that I still have Clemson at 1. Call me old-fashioned, it doesn’t make a lot of sense – it’s just kind of a thing I’ve done for the last seven or eight years – but I think if you are the defending national champion, if you have won 20 games in a row, if you still have your coach and both your coordinators intact and you still have your quarterback returning . . . I feel like you have the right to defend your spot. Clemson dropped in the polls because a couple of weeks ago they looked bad against North Carolina. But guess what they didn’t do? They didn’t lose. 

“That just kind of bothers me,” Kanell continued. “We get so cute with these polls, and they don’t matter; they’re kind of dumb. When people start dropping Clemson to the seventh and eighth spot, I’m like, ‘Really? You guys are going to hold it that much against them?’ I get it wasn’t pretty, but they’re still an incredibly talented team.”

While Kanell has Clemson No. 1, he’s not sure if the Tigers would beat the Buckeyes.

“I think that’s a different conversation, and maybe I would pick Ohio State,” he said. “But man, you would think I disrespected everyone’s mom by the amount of disrespect they feel that’s been shown them – all because I have Ohio State at 3.”

Click below to listen to Kanell’s interview in its entirety.