Brugler: I'm "Absolutely" Buying Into Murray Going No. 1

Kyler Murray's odds of being the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft increased exponentially at the Combine on Thursday

The DA Show
February 28, 2019 - 12:51 pm

After months of speculation about his height – and weight – Kyler Murray’s measurables are upon us. The Heisman Trophy winner cleared 5-10 and 200 pounds at the NFL Combine on Thursday.

How will that affect his draft stock, you ask? As it turns out, potentially a lot.

“Well, 5-10 looks a lot better on paper than 5-9,” The Athletic NFL Draft analyst Dane Brugler said on The DA Show. “But it comes down to how teams are going to feel about a shorter quarterback. I think more so than the height it was the build, and 207 – that’s a number that really sticks out for me. He was listed around 190 at Oklahoma, so he’s up theoretically 15 pounds. What’s his playing weight?”

And how’s his arm?

“He’s not going to throw here,” Brugler said. “We’ll see if he’s going to run. I doubt he will. I think he focused on adding weight to his frame so he could get that 207 number. But his playing weight is probably a little lower than that – around 200. But regardless, the weigh-in was a win for him.”

Many draft analysts had projected Murray as a first-round pick. In fact, many predicted he would go in the top 10 to 15.

After Thursday, though, he could go No. 1 to Arizona.

“I’m absolutely buying into that,” Brugler said. “I think that’s definitely a possibility. I think it’s realistic. The measurements this morning, while some may say it’s arbitrary, it’s something that does matter, and it was a win for him.”

Still, isn’t it silly that the difference between 5-10 and one-eighth and 5-9 and seven-eighths – a quarter of an inch – was a huge deal for Murray? Or better yet, a huge deal for scouts?

“One hundred percent,” Brugler said. “Definitely, it is silly. But that’s the Combine. Every little bit matters in terms of 4.39 is a lot better than 4.42 depending on the position and different metrics. At quarterback, we just haven’t seen a guy like this before. For a team to buy in to investing a high first-round pick into Kyler Murray, getting over 5-10 was a big win for him.”

Murray has drawn comparisons to Russell Wilson all offseason. That comparison, on the surface, seems fair.

“We’re talking about half of an inch between these two in terms of height, and Russell Wilson was only 204 pounds at the Combine,” Brugler said. “So a big win for Kyler just in terms of perception and it looks better on paper than if he was 5-9, 190.”

So, will Murray go No. 1? Will the Cardinals actually make that move one year after drafting Josh Rosen No. 10 overall?

“I think all the stars are aligning for a pick like this to happen,” Brugler said. “In terms of the current state of the NFL being a little more open-minded to a talent like this, last year we had a 6-foot quarterback go No. 1 overall. With Kyler and Kliff Kingsbury in Arizona, it’s just another move that shows teams are embracing this pass-heavy offense and getting exciting skill players and just really adapting their offense around what the quarterback does best.

“With Kyler Murray, there’s probably only going to be five, six teams that are really in on him in the first round in terms of really going to buy in,” Brugler continued. “But all it takes is one team. If you want him, you probably have to trade to the top five to get him – and he might not even be available there because No. 1 to Arizona is a definite possibility.”

Brugler, it is worth noting, does not have Murray atop his QB board.

“I’m a Haskins guy,” Brugler said of the former Ohio State standout. “I believe in his arm. I think it’s special in terms of velocity, in terms of accuracy. I do worry about the lower body. He has a very lean lower body and his ability to navigate the pocket and understand what to do under pressure, it just needs to develop in that area. It’s something that I think will come with time, with experience.”