Shaughnessy: I Believe Brady Is Being Taken Care Of

Tom Brady has played below market value for much of his career; well, there could be a reason for that

The DA Show
August 08, 2019 - 12:06 pm

Tom Brady has put his Brookline, Massachusetts, mansion on the market, leading many to speculate that he could retire sooner rather than later.

Is that a legitimate possibility?

“Yeah, I think quite possibly,” Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy said on The DA Show. “I think he’s planning to retire because he’s 42 years old. It’s the nature of human beings. It’s great that he’s able to do this, but sooner or later, it’s mortality. I think he will finish his career as a Patriot. It might be next year. I’ve been (moving) that way for a while.”

Brady, 42, signed a two-year extension with the Patriots on Sunday, but the deal more or less just puts more money in his pocket for 2019. He still trails the top-paid quarterbacks by a wide margin.

Any chance Brady eventually signs a fat contract and finishes his career elsewhere?

“I don’t believe that,” Shaughnessy said. “It’s certainly possible, and I could be wrong. I just think that his relationship with Bob Kraft is such that he’s the fifth Kraft son. I’m a cynical person. I think there’s all these side deals: Bob Kraft helps him get the land for that house that’s for sale now; he’s going to turn a big profit on that. A little break on the rental properties there. Future points and ownership of the Patriots – equity, partnership, whatever. It would be crimes against the salary cap, but nobody ever goes out to the Patriots, we know that. I’m suspicious that he’s playing at a low rate all the time. So I believe that he’s being taken care of and will be taken care of.”

Which, if true, should draw the ire of other teams.

“If I were the Indianapolis Colts, I would be going after this stuff more than deflated footballs or SpyGate or whatever,” Shaughnessy said. “It’s cap circumvention. But I just can’t prove it. I’m just suspicious of it. It’s weird that every year Tom is like the 30th best-paid quarterback. It supports that annoying Patriot narrative. ’Oh, it’s all for one here, they’re different from everyone else, The Patriot Way’ – it supports that phony narrative.”

On the flip side, Brady might be willing to play for under market value because, well, he can afford to do that.

“Between Tom and his wife, what does it matter?” Shaughnessy asked. “For him, it is about Super Bowls, his legacy and that. I don’t think it’s about stealing $75 million from the Tennessee Titans at the end when he’s 46 years old. I just can’t believe that.”