La Canfora: Dan Quinn Coaching For His Job Sunday

Jason La Canfora does not believe Quinn will make it through the season – and if the Falcons lose in Arizona, he might not survive the weekend

Tiki and Tierney
October 10, 2019 - 5:25 pm
Dan Quinn Falcons

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Three years after reaching the Super Bowl, the wheels have come off in Atlanta. The Falcons, who went 7-9 last season, are 1-4 and floundering in last place in the NFC South.

The Falcons rank 30th in the league in scoring defense (30.2 points allowed per game), and their minus-50 point differential is the fourth-worst in football. Only the Bengals (minus-56), Redskins (minus-78), and Dolphins (minus-137) have been worse.

Dan Quinn has to be on the hot seat, right? 

“That’s not a move that that owner wants to make in-season because he’s invested a lot of money in the team,” Jason La Canfora said on Tiki & Tierney, referring to Arthur Blank. “He doesn’t want to blow it up. He believes in the vision that Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff, the GM, put forward. It’s just not happening. It’s great in theory; it’s not happening in practice.”

Three of the Falcons’ four losses have come by 14+ points, including a 53-32 loss to the Texans in Houston this past Sunday. If the Falcons lose – and lose badly – in Arizona this weekend, Quinn could be gone.

“If they lay an egg, if they find a way to lose that game, I suspect that’s the end,” La Canfora said. “Look at their schedule from Week 7 through Week 14. It’s becoming an inevitability that Dan Quinn won’t be their head coach in 2020.”

From Week 7 to 14, the Falcons play the Rams, Seahawks, Saints (twice), Panthers (twice) and Buccaneers. Those teams are a combined 16-9.

“I don’t know that the change happens in October; I certainly think it happens by December,” La Canofra said. “The question is does (Blank) blow up the whole organization? Is there a new GM as well?”

Quinn’s potential firing couldn’t come at a worse time. The Falcons have invested a lot in veterans Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, who will take up nearly $54 million of cap space in 2020, $59 million in 2021 and $58.8 million in 2022.

“That’s a difficult spot, guys,” La Canfora said. “They’ve got half of their cap tied up in five players who aren’t going anywhere – and not everybody likes those players as much as they do.”

Click below to hear La Canfora’s interview in its entirety, including his thoughts on Mike Tomlin and the Washington Redskins.