Dallas Radio Host "Shocked" By Amari Cooper Trade

The Cowboys dealt a first-round pick to Oakland for the 24-year-old wideout

October 23, 2018 - 8:44 am

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The Dallas Cowboys made a blockbuster move Monday, sending a 2019 first-round pick to Oakland for Amari Cooper.

“I feel like the product of the NFC East kind of dictated that move because no one has just taken charge,” The Ticket in Dallas mid-day host Donovan Lewis said on Ferrall on the Bench. “If you had a team like Philadelphia that was sitting there at 6-1 and the Cowboys are 3-4, I don’t think they make a move like that. But this division, even with Washington at 4-2, you played them and you feel like they’re not a dominant team – and Philadelphia is not the Philadelphia they’ve been – (the Cowboys) feel like they have the opportunity to go and steal this division, even playing like the way they’ve been playing.”

Dallas, by the way, ranks 29th in the league in passing offense and 25th in passing touchdowns.

“The one thing that’s been lacking around here is a No. 1 target,” Lewis said. “So, with other teams – including Philadelphia – flirting with the Raiders to try to get Amari Cooper with a second-rounder, you have to up the ante if you want to play the game. Oh, man, Jerry upped the ante. I can’t believe they spent a first on Amari Cooper. Second, third – okay, maybe. But a first-rounder? Man, that’s going all-in to make it feel like you’re just one player away from making some noise. It feels like the Cowboys are not just one player away from making some noise in the NFC for sure.”

While Cooper has talent, Scott Ferrall was shocked the Cowboys paid that price for a receiver with spotty production and questionable hands.

“It shocked me, too, the price that they paid,” Lewis said. “But sit back and think about it. If you look at a football team and you say, ‘Man, your No. 1 receiving option on this team is Cole Beasley – that’s not a good team.’ He’s been great – and he’s been a lot better than people expect. But that guy being your No. 1 receiving option on the team means you don’t have a lot of receiving options. He’s a good second, third, maybe even fourth option. But he’s your No. 1? They had to change that. 

“Amari Cooper, he’s dropped some passes, but he’s still that threat where the defense has to account for Amari Cooper and maybe even bring an extra guy over to make sure he doesn’t go out and take over a game – because he’s done that before. And I think that’s what this team – and the quarterback – needs.”

The Cowboys (3-4), who have a bye this week, host Tennessee (3-4) on Monday Night Football on Nov. 5. Kickoff is at 8:15 pm. ET