Pearson: Cowboys Will Start With Dak

The Dallas Cowboys have players to pay, and Dak Prescott is atop the list

Reiter Than You
July 30, 2019 - 9:09 pm
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys

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From Dak Prescott to Amari Cooper to Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys have choices to make. Who to pay, and who not to pay?

That is the question.

“I think the pecking order should be Dak, Amari and then Zeke,” Cowboys legend Drew Pearson said on Reiter Than You. “I think a lot of the people at Cowboys headquarters feel the same way. If they are limited with the salary cap and can’t pay them all what they think they deserve, then I think they’ll start with Dak. There’s no question about that and then go to Amari Cooper.”

Prescott and Cooper were quite the duo last season, connecting for 53 catches for 725 yards and six touchdowns in nine games.

“What they bring off the field, they’re leaders the way they carry themselves,” Pearson said. “They represent the Dallas Cowboys in a very positive way. Amari Cooper is the only receiver I’ve seen since I’ve retired that, when he gets a touchdown, he acts like he’s been there before. He doesn’t go crazy, he doesn’t point attention to himself – he’s a very positive guy. They’re already talking about his contract, but where is he? He’s in camp. Where’s (Dak)? He’s in camp. Why are they in camp? Because they’re under contract. Zeke is under contract. If you’re under contract, you need to be there.”

Pearson, who played for the Cowboys from 1973-83, is speaking from experience. He threatened to hold out during his playing days.

“But I was there at practice every day,” he said. “Being there at practice, you show your value to the team. . . . I believe Jerry (Jones) when he says if he wants to hold out at $40,000 a day, let him do that. Zeke should be in camp. He’s under contract. The thing Zeke has to do, more so than show what he can do on the field, is show what he can do off the field. This is another incident that you can add to his off-field record, and that’s not good. The issues that he’s had in the past, and now he’s got this. He’s missed games, he’s been suspending and now he’s away from camp. Again, it’s Zeke. That’s what the Cowboys, I think, are most concerned about.”

Pearson, by the way, believes Elliott brings incredible valuable to the Cowboys. He also believes franchises are wrong to devalue running backs.

“I think that’s crazy,” he said. “The running game is not that important until you get in the month of December, you’re jockeying for playoff position, you can’t throw the football in cold weather or bad weather, you got to run the football, and running the football is very valuable in the playoff situations as well. That’s when it becomes important.”

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