Choppy: Cowboys Reverted To Scott Linehan Offense

The Dallas offense was nowhere to be found in New Orleans on Sunday

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
September 30, 2019 - 9:17 am
Cowboys Jason Garrett

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After averaging 32.3 points through their first games of the season – all wins – the Dallas Cowboys’ offense was nowhere to be found in New Orleans on Sunday night. The Cowboys (3-1) mustered just 10 points – and lost 12-10, as the Saints (3-1) won their second straight game without Drew Brees.

“Where was the offense from the last three games?” Dallas’ 105.3 host R.J. Choppy said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “It was 32 points a game, and here they come out, they run the football, they sputter, they don’t do the same stuff offensively they were doing the first couple of weeks, which is go downfield, take some chances, be aggressive. They just didn’t do any of that. They kind of went back to the Scott Linehan offense.”

Ezekiel Elliott rushed 18 times for 35 yards and a touchdown. That’s 1.9 yards per carry. Dak Prescott, meanwhile, was 22-of-33 for 223 yards and an interception. That’s 6.8 yards per attempt.

There was no creativity. There was no stretching the field. There was no nothing.

“I almost threw a remote through the TV as I was watching this game,” Choppy said. “I don’t know why (the offense played that way). That’s a great question. I don’t know why. It seemed like the Saints really had the Cowboys’ hand when it came to them trying to run the football. They were getting stopped quite a bit. It was frustrating to see.”

The Cowboys, it seemed, were beating their heads against the proverbial brick wall, hoping that eventually the running game would get going.

It didn’t.

“Nobody beats their head against a brick wall better than a Jason Garrett-coached team,” Choppy said. “They’ll continue to do exactly what they did in 1994. They’ll revert back. This was the first chance this team had to play a tight game, to play a game where they had to have a possession that came away with points. What happens when you get backed up against a wall? You kind of revert back to what you’ve always been. That’s what we saw last night. 

“But the problem is the game didn’t dictate that,” Choppy continued. “They reverted back to what they’ve always been from the start, from the opening kickoff. That’s what’s most frustrating. They didn’t give themselves a chance to see if their new-age offense with Kellen Moore would even work.”

The Cowboys host the Packers (3-1) this Sunday in Dallas. Kickoff is at 4:25 p.m. ET.