D.A. Reacts To Dan Snyder Ditching "Redskins"

Renaming Washington's football team was long overdue, D.A. says, and any fan who stops supporting the team because of it is a "fraud"

The DA Show
July 13, 2020 - 12:33 pm

Washington’s football team is in the market for a new name. The “Redskins,” long considered by many to be offensive to Native Americans, will no longer be associated with the franchise.

And some fans, well, they’re not happy. In fact, some may no longer support the team, which Damon Amendolara finds ridiculous.

“If you sat through the last 20 years of Dan Snyder and you’re still a fan – and you let a name change change your fandom – you’re a fraud,” Amendolara said Monday on The DA Show. “You’re an absolute utter fraud. Because the reason you would bail on this team is your owner is a complete and utter idiot; because the quarterback situation has been a mess; because of the coaching carousel; because Bruce Allen has been a yes-man henchman for Dan Snyder and never attempted to really fix the root of the problem. 

“If you have sat through 20 years of misery with Washington football and now the team name changes and suddenly you’re not going to be a fan anymore, you are a fraud,” Amendolara continued. “You’re a complete and utter fraud. You are more willing to sit through unbelievably disastrous incompetence, but you cannot stand becoming the Warriors [or some other name]. I mean, please. You got no credibility whatsoever. None.”

The franchise was founded in 1933. It adopted “Redskins” in 1937, when it moved from Boston to Washington D.C. Since then, the franchise won three Super Bowls, two NFL championships and had more than 30 players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The team name, however, has been controversial for quite some time.

“I think that we will look back in 20 years and go, ‘Man, I can’t believe it lasted until 2020,’” Amendolara said. “That seemed dated probably in the ’90s. Certainly by the 2010s, it seemed really dated. And by 2020, yeah, it was about time. And that’s all right. Going through that evolution, that’s okay. That means that we’re growing, and that’s a good thing.”

Some fans, however, disagree.

“If you ever just stick your chin out and go, ‘I will never change’ and spit in their face, what type of person are you representing to be to your kids, to your family?” Amendolara asked. “‘I will never change.’ Well, when you’re granted new information and you talk to people and maybe there’s a new way to look at things, it would strike me that perhaps you want to change.”