D.A. Reacts To Surreal Day In Sports

Wednesday, March 11, is a day that many sports fans will never forget

The DA Show
March 12, 2020 - 3:48 pm

On Wednesday morning, the biggest question in American sports was whether fans would be allowed to attend conference tournaments this week. By Wednesday night, the NBA had suspended its season after Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus.

In other words, things changed. Quickly.

“Yesterday was the most insane day because your life changed on a minute-by-minute basis,” Damon Amendolara said Thursday on The DA Show. “Every piece of news that came out, every story that broke, every piece of new information, the Rudy Gobert situation – it was like watching a slow-motion car wreck or train wreck. It’s truly fluid.”

Many people have poked fun at the coronavirus in recent months. They think it’s much ado about nothing and that everyone is overreacting.

Well, based on the reaction of sports leagues, which have canceled seemingly everything, it seems people had a right to worry.

“I will say this: I have certainly tongue-in-cheek mentioned coronavirus at times on the air. I apologize for that,” Amendolara said. “But I think the key here is that it’s okay for everybody to change how they view this on a minute-by-minute basis. That’s okay because we’re getting more and more information, and things really are fluid.”

On Wednesday morning, the Big East said it intended to play its entire conference tournament with fans in attendance.

“By the end of the night, that seemed like a completely insane concept,” Amendolara said. “I think everybody just has to kind of walk this, navigate this thing, on an in-the-moment [basis] and make all of those decisions. You can’t project what you might feel or might think even six hours from now.”