D.A. Ranks His Top 5 Interviews From Super Bowl Radio Row In Miami

Damon Amendolara recounts his most memorable interviews from another memorable week at Radio Row

Damon Amendolara
January 31, 2020 - 11:06 am

As always, the week at Radio Row was a memorable one. Beyond stories of games and plays, it's always the other stuff that becomes memorable. Here's a countdown of my favorite moments from this year at the Miami Convention Center. 

5) Ryan Fitzpatrick is at a loss for words

While Philip Rivers usually carries the trophy for "frequent father miles," how about Fitz as a strong silver medal? The Dolphins QB has seven kids, and I asked him how to feed all those mouths at one meal. There's a lot of prep for something like that, right? He admitted most of the time plenty of his kids don't like what they're eating, but he's told them to get used to it. They usually cook en masse, the same meal for everyone, and if you don't like it? Tough cookies. When I mentioned that if he wanted to catch Rivers, there is a way. "You ARE a gunslinger." That stopped him in his tracks, made him crack up, and he couldn't top it. The Harvard education had been caught off guard. 

4) Emmitt Smith says the Bills made it easy

It was fascinating to hear the NFL's all-time rusher say the Cowboys were actually nervous before their first Super Bowl. The final score was 52-17, and it was a powerful signal of a new dynasty. A young, aggressive, swaggering team was about to become the franchise of the '90s. With how easy the game was for the Cowboys, it seemed like Dallas was ready from the jump, but Smith corrected me. "Four turnovers help! The Bills made it easy for us!" It's hard enough for Bills fans to deal with never having won a Super Bowl and losing four in a row, but this is just another reason to kick the couch. Emmitt said a tight game would've been very difficult for the young Cowboys to navigate, but the 28-10 lead at half set the game in historic motion. 

3) Sean Payton doesn't know what Drew Brees will do 

The biggest question looming over the Saints is whether their Hall of Fame quarterback is retiring. I asked Payton if he had an inclination of what was coming? 

“No, honestly, I don’t,” Payton said. “He and I spent time some after the season discussing the year, and I think he’ll spend time with his family and make a decision. We, of course, want him back. It’s hard for me because we’ve been together for so long, but man, he played at such a high level. When [Drew] was injured, Teddy played five weeks, we went 5-0 with him in there and Teddy played fantastic. [Drew] been such a staple of what we’ve done. Both sides of this will make sure the communication lines are wide open and we handle it the right way. I think he’s going to spend time with his family and make the decision that’s in his gut.”

2) Justin Tuck clowns the ’07 Cowboys

Thirteen Pro Bowlers. Some guys never forget. The Cowboys in '07 went 13-3 and were the top seed in the NFC. But the 10-6 Giants got in as a Wild Card and took down Dallas 21-17 in the divisional round. The Cowboys were one and done, and Tuck kept bringing up that record-number of Pro Bowlers. Clearly it got under the skin of the Giants. Tuck said the Cowboys were the most talented team the Giants played that season, which is startling considering he also beat the undefeated Patriots a few weeks later. Who gets the blame? "I think it's the top down... you have to have all those pillars and pulling on the rope the same way." To call the Cowboys more talented than perhaps the greatest team ever assembled is amazing, and is just more salt in the wound for a franchise that has been defined by underachieving. 

1) Carson Palmer warns Joe Burrow

Of all the interviews we did along Radio Row this week, the former No. 1 pick's comments made the biggest splash. Bengals fans are upset that Palmer warned Burrow from playing for Cincinnati, but if anyone has a parallel experience, it's Carson. “As I was interviewing NFL people," Palmer told me, "I was told time and time again – starting with Boomer Esiason – the night after I won the Heisman Trophy, I went and did an interview with him for CBS, and everybody I was talking to along the way [said], ‘You can’t go to Cincinnati. You got to go somewhere else. You can’t play for the Bengals. You can’t play for the Bengals.’" It's hard to blame Palmer for these comments. The organization has been known for decades as being cheap and not aggressive. The results also speak for themselves: the Bengals haven't won a playoff game in 30 years. 

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