D.A.: “That’s Just Mike Gundy Being An Idiot”

Damon Amendolara took Gundy to task for “being oblivious” to how his players would react to his T-shirt

The DA Show
June 16, 2020 - 12:37 pm

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy came under fire Monday, this after wearing a One America News (OAN) T-shirt on Twitter. OAN is a conservative cable network that peddles conspiracy theories, among other divisive policies and opinions.

After seeing the post, Oklahoma State running back and Heisman Trophy candidate Chuba Hubbard tweeted, “I will not stand for this” and accused Gundy of being “completely insensitive to everything going on in society.”

Gundy and Hubbard then filmed a joint video in which Gundy, 52, said he met with Oklahoma State players and realized the shirt was “a very sensitive issue with what’s going on in today’s society.”

But many, including Damon Amendolara, could not believe Gundy wore the shirt to begin with.

“Mike Gundy wearing that T-shirt just shows how oblivious he is,” Amendolara said. “And being oblivious, right now, is part of the problem. . . . You might say, ‘So what? It’s a T-shirt.’ But it [shows] a complete obliviousness to your players. Most of his players are probably in complete support of Black Lives Matter. Most of his players are probably completely in support of the social protests going on. Most of his players have come from a place where they have absolutely not felt like equal Americans. And here is Mike Gundy, who is watching a news network that is basically saying those things. So, of course Chuba Hubbard is going to be bothered by that. You would be, too.”

Unless, of course, you’re Clay Travis.

“The people that defend Mike Gundy probably align with this news network’s stuff, and that’s fine,” Amendolara said. “I would say it’s misguided. I would say it’s rooted in division and racism, but you can believe whatever you want. But the point is, Mike Gundy, to not know that by espousing that network you’re basically spitting in the face of most of your roster, is ridiculous. That’s just Mike Gundy being an idiot. Let’s face it. He’s kind of a blowhard. He’s kind of just a mulletted blowhard. He’s fine as a head coach. Is he great? No. Is he terrible? No. He’s fine. But this is just Mike Gundy who is obviously completely obliviousness to the beliefs of his kids, and one of his kids finally called him on it.”