D.A.: It's Impossible To Believe Antonio Brown

AB can apologize all he wants; Damon Amendolara isn't buying it

The DA Show
February 10, 2020 - 11:01 am

NFL free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has apologized to Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the entire NFL for his actions in recent years. It appears Brown realizes the error of his ways and wants to change them.

Or does he?

Damon Amendolara isn’t convinced. After all, Brown is just a couple of weeks removed from streaming a live video of himself cussing out police.

“Antonio Brown . . . is clearly unhinged, out of control, violent, aggressive and vulgar, and he is the one broadcasting that to the world, so that doesn’t make a ton of sense,” Amendolara said on The DA Show. “I think Antonio Brown, no matter what he says here, it’s impossible to believe him.”

Why is Brown apologizing, you ask? It’s simple: he wants money.

“Finally, somebody got to him and said, ‘Hey, man, you need to back down, you need to chill, and you need to do an apology tour – because right now, there’s no way you’re getting back into the league,’” Amendolara explained. “He must be desperate enough to do that, but I don’t think there’s any way you can actually trust him that suddenly, ‘Oh, he’s a changed man. The last two years of his life, throw that out the window. Right now he gets it.’ You can’t say that. Antonio Brown, we’ve got two years of evidence that he doesn’t get it and two days of evidence that he’s trying to apologize.”