Dunn: Rapinoe Handled Trump Feud "Like A Champ"

Crystal Dunn dropped by CBS Sports Radio to reflect on the women's World Cup title and Megan Rapinoe's feud with Donald Trump, among other topics

The DA Show
August 13, 2019 - 1:56 pm

U.S. Women’s National Team member Crystal Dunn dropped by The DA Show on Tuesday to reflect on the World Cup title, as well as the squad’s ability to make headlines for things having nothing to do with soccer.

Specifically, Dunn was asked about Megan Rapinoe’s feud with President Donald Trump, which took on a life of its own during – and after – the World Cup.

“It’s Megan Rapinoe, If there’s no drama, there’s no fun,” Dunn said, laughing. “She handled it like a champ. Honestly, Pinoe is so professional. It’s funny this whole thing was going on, and it did not faze her one bit. It didn’t take her attention away from what her goal was, which is to help the team win a World Cup. She’s one of my good friends, and I always, always look up to her and look to her for advice. I think at that time, it was important for me to just show that I’m there for her and not to let this take away from her main focus. I think she handled it like a champ.”

The women’s team certainly didn’t shy away from controversy during the World Cup. They bludgeoned Thailand 13-0 in the opener and celebrating like men after the beating Netherlands 2-0 in the final. The women danced, drank alcohol and uttered some celebratory curse words – things male athletes often do after historic wins.

Perhaps some people were simply put off by seeing women behave that way?

“I think this team always breaks down barriers,” Dunn said. “We’ve been historically dominant in our game, and I think a lot of people almost don’t want to accept it sometimes, especially male counterparts. Sometimes (they) probably don’t understand that, one, women play this game and it’s OK for us to feel excited and happy about our achievements. We (should) be able to enjoy that moment and live it to the fullest. I think for us, our locker room celebration was a highlight of the whole journey. For us to have that moment of relief and enjoy each other’s company and the game being so fresh in our minds, that was the time to really live it up. That’s what people saw. If some people are unhappy with it, then that’s unfortunate.” 

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