Eagles Writer: Cowboys Will Win NFC East; Pederson Likely Safe

The Cowboys will beat the Eagles in Philadelphia this Sunday, Ed Kracz says, but it likely won't cost Doug Pederson his job

December 18, 2019 - 9:32 am
Doug Pederson Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles (7-7) host the Dallas Cowboys (7-7) this Sunday, and their season is very much on the line.

Unfortunately, SI.com Eagles writer Ed Kracz doesn’t think the Eagles will emerge victorious.

“I don’t think the defense can match up,” the Eagle Maven writer said on Ferrall on the Bench. “This defense has been kind of the big question mark during this little modest two-game winning streak they have. It’s kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”

Indeed, the Eagles have won two straight games, but neither win inspired much confidence in the team. They beat the Giants 23-17 in overtime in Week 14, and they beat the Redskins 37-27 this past Sunday. Those teams are both 3-11.

“They let the Giants race out to a 17-3 halftime lead on Monday Night Football, and then in the second half, they held the Giants to 29 yards of offense,” Kracz said. “This past weekend, every time the Eagles scores, they let the Redskins come down and score. There were eight lead changes in this game.”

The Cowboys, meanwhile, are 4-7 since their 3-0 start.

“You look at the personnel that Dallas has, and it’s a mystery to me why they’re sitting here at 7-7,” Kracz said. “It’s got to be an indictment on Jason Garrett. Just the leadership factor is why I think they’re there. Personnel-wise, they’re the better team on paper against the Eagles. I think Dallas is going to find a way to win this game and win a second straight NFC East.”

If the Eagles lose, should Doug Pederson be worried about his job? After all, he is 16-14 over the last two seasons.

“Well, he still has a little bit of that collateral left from winning the Super Bowl two years ago,” Kracz said. “Had the Eagles lost to the Giants, they got booed off the field mercilessly. Eagles fans, they’ll boo you if you’re not doing well, but it was as bad as I had ever heard it when they left the field at halftime down 17-3. Had Pederson and the Eagles not come back to win that game, had they lost 24-10 or been beaten soundly by a two-win team in the Giants, then I think maybe Pederson would be in trouble. I think Doug is back next year, but it might be a short rope next year if this team doesn’t start to play better and get back in the double-digit-win area.”