NFL Agent: "We've Just Kind Of Rolled With It"

As Kelli Masters explains, the coronavirus pandemic has made NFL Draft prep, well, complicated

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
March 31, 2020 - 12:18 pm
Hollywood Brown

USA Today Images


For NFL Draft prospects, this is typically an exciting time of year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, it’s been, well, complicated.

“It has been so different that we’ve just kind of rolled with it,” sports agent Kelli Masters said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “Right back in the beginning when things started getting shut down and canceled, I had conversations with some of the trainers [about getting] video of my guys or [doing] a mock pro day in case things started getting shut down – and sure enough, they did. Fortunately, we have the video, so I’ve been sending that out, making connections with teams who are now doing Skype [and] FaceTime interviews with players, and then just doing a lot of calls. It’s been really weird.”

Many NFL prospects are still working out with trainers. Only those workouts are virtual, not in person, and they’re taking place in a garage, backyard or park, not a gym.

Overall, the players are managing as best they can.

“They’ve never been through this, so they didn’t already have expectations other than maybe what they had seen other players do in the past,” Masters said. “But for them, this is the only thing they’ve ever been through. They’re handling it really, really well. I think the hardest part with a lot of gyms being closed and schools being closed, we’re having to improvise on training. Fortunately, technology has been awesome as far as connecting trainers and making sure players stay on track with their training. They’re just not getting the access to the weights and the equipment that they would normally have. So whatever we can put together, that’s what they’re doing. But they’re handling it well and staying in communication. I think that’s the biggest thing. That’s been a good thing.”

The one silver lining for Masters? She’s not living on an airplane, which she often does this time of year.

“I’m not having to travel as much, which my family loves,” she said. “But I hate not being there for my guys. We’re just doing the best we can.”