Compton: Vegas Keeps Finding Ways To Win

Brian Compton keeps picking the Golden Knights to lose. He may want to stop doing that.

May 29, 2018 - 9:03 am

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Categories: senior editor Brian Compton keeps picking the Vegas Golden Knights to lose. 

He may want to stop doing that.

Vegas took Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday, beating Washington 6-4. The Golden Knights fell behind 4-3 in the third period before scoring three unanswered goals, including an empty-netter, to take a 1-0 series lead.

Anyone surprised that Vegas keeps winning?

“You can’t be,” Compton said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I picked them again to lose this series. I’ve picked them to lose each of these rounds and now they win Game 1 of the Final. I wouldn’t count the Caps out. The Caps lost the first two games against the Blue Jackets and found their way back into the series, so this is far from over. They were down 3-2 against Tampa Bay. They won that series. This was a lot of fun to watch. This could go seven games. I hope it does.” 

Vegas, which beat Winnipeg in five games in the Western Conference Finals, hadn't played in eight days but still looked sharp.

“You thought there would be some kind of rust factor, but instead, it just helped them having all that rest,” Compton said. “They looked like the faster team, although the Caps stayed with them for a little bit there until Vegas pulled away in the third period. So any excuse you try to come up with to think ‘This is why Vegas is going to lose,’ they just prove you wrong time and time again. . . . It is crazy and inexplicable what these guys are doing. Every time you think they’re going to stumble, they don’t. They find ways to win.”

That could be the case for years to come.

“Vegas has a boatload of first-round picks that they’re going to make next month,” Compton said. “They have a lot of young prospects who aren’t even there yet. So they’re in a pretty good place to be good for a long time. So even if they don’t win this series, I think they’re going to be in pretty good shape for the next four or five years at least.”

Prior to the season, Compton thought the Golden Knights would win 15 to 20 games. Well, they’ve already won 13 playoff games – and they might not be done.

Is this the most improbable story in NHL history?

“I think it has to be – not just our league, across the board,” Compton said. “Where else has this ever happened in the four major sports where a team that was a pen on a napkin 12 months ago is in the finals of that league? This is a tremendous story – win or lose. Who expected this? Nobody. It’s crazy what Vegas is doing.”