Collins: Young Energy In MLS Is “Palpable”

The DA Show
March 09, 2018 - 1:31 pm

Photo by Getty Images


Major League Soccer once had a reputation for being a retirement league – a league for former stars well past their prime.

Well, that is changing. In fact, there is a major youth movement occurring in MLS.

“It’s palpable. It’s very, very cool,”’s Susannah Collins said on The DA Show. “My first season was the 2016 season, and even since then you’ve seen this sort of youth influx – teams like Atlanta United really sort of embracing these young players and putting them out on the field. MLS used to have this stigma of being the retirement league where we go overseas, we sign these players who are just well past their prime, but they’re going to put butts in seats. We’re getting away from that, and it’s very, very cool because inevitably what happens is the product on the field improves. That is what we have seen. It’s good, quality soccer now. It’s fun to watch. It’s a really, really exciting league to watch.”

Roster-building has become more sophisticated, many of the academies develop home-grown talent, and there’s been an uptick in scoring. It’s exciting.

Do you want to know what else is exciting? Meeting David Beckham. Collins did just that after it was announced that Beckham would have an ownership stake in Miami’s new team.

“I was trying to think of anybody I have actually met or interviewed that’s bigger than him in a global sense, and really there isn’t,” Collins said. “Everybody knows who David Beckham is on the planet. No. 1, he could not have been more gracious and nicer. He’s lovely. He’s absolutely lovely and was so engaging with everybody."