Drexler: Kawhi Has An "Old-School Mentality"

Kawhi Leonard would have fit right in during Clyde Drexler's era

Reiter Than You
June 13, 2019 - 8:34 pm
Kawhi Leonard NBA Finals

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Clyde Drexler is a big fan of Kawhi Leonard. Drexler loves Leonard’s skill set, yes, but he also loves the understated personality that comes with it.

“He doesn’t talk about himself,” Drexler said on Reiter Than You, “and that’s the reason he’s even better. He just goes out and plays.”

Indeed, Leonard would have fit right in during Drexler’s era.

“He has an old-school mentality,” Drexler said. “‘I’m not going to (hype) myself up. I’m not going to do social media. I’m going to play basketball because that’s what I do.’ That’s why we love him.”

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