Landry: Mayfield Has Time To Learn

Baker Mayfield wants to play, Jarvis Landry said, but he may need to wait a bit

Tiki and Tierney
July 05, 2018 - 5:18 pm

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Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry spent the first four seasons of his NFL career in Miami, which is known for its weather, beaches, and nightlife.

Well, Cleveland is not Miami, but for Landry, that’s okay.

“Man, it feels like home,” Landry said on Tiki and Tierney, referring to Cleveland. “Being from Louisiana and going to a city like Cleveland, just the demographics of everything, it feels like home. It feels like Louisiana. Miami was a bit fast for me.”

The Browns are 1-31 over the last two seasons, but hopes are high in Cleveland. Landry, 25, was one of several big-name players acquired by the Browns this offseason. Tyrod Taylor, 28, was another.

“Listen, it’s exciting,” Landry said. “I’ve never seen this much excitement before, but I also understand the situation and the aura that has been over the Browns. To have an opportunity to create this type of momentum this early with the guys that we have in the building, it’s up to us now how good we want to be. We got to take it personal.”

Taylor, of course, helped the Bills to their first playoff appearance since 1999 and is a more than serviceable quarterback. Cleveland, though, drafted Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

“It’s very high competition,” Landry said. “But I think the ownership and the GM and the coaches have done a great job (of) understanding what Tyrod is going to bring to the table but also what Baker is going to bring to the table and kind of laying it out: ‘This guy (Taylor) is going to be our starting quarterback, and you’re pretty much coming here to learn.’ I know that Baker wants to play (with) him being a competitor, but it gives Baker a little time to learn and things like that. But he’s definitely highly capable. Both guys are.”

Whoever starts, the Browns just need to win games, especially after Cleveland lost LeBron James…again.

“Absolutely,” Landry said. “Absolutely. I wasn’t there when he decided to leave. I know the whole city is a little bit torn, but not as much as last time. Obviously the appreciation that the city has for LeBron, the things that he’s brought to the city is out of this world.”