NFL Analyst Identifies Most Attractive Job Opening

Hint: it's not the Green Bay Packers

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
January 03, 2019 - 9:16 am

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Eight NFL teams are looking for a head coach, including the Packers, Broncos and Jets. But believe it or not, there’s one job that could be better than the rest.

“I really think that the Browns job might be the most attractive – and it goes beyond just the fact that they have a young quarterback to build around for a long time in Baker Mayfield,” The Sports XChange’s Howard Balzer said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “I think one of the most attractive things about the Browns is something that’s not talked about: organizational structure. When you take one of these jobs, you want to have confidence that whoever is in charge of personnel – if it’s not yourself – is going to get you the players that will help you win. I think John Dorsey is a big plus for the Cleveland Browns.”

Dorsey, 58, has served as Browns general manager since 2017. His track record is, well, pretty impressive.

“Let’s not forget that in two years he helped trade up and draft Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs and then this year Baker Mayfield for the Browns,” Balzer said. “I think that’s a big factor.”

Balzer dismissed the notion that any NFL head-coaching job is a good one. After all, the Cardinals fired Steve Wilks after just one season, and the Broncos fired Vance Joseph after two – despite the fact that neither had a great roster.

“I think that’s a big, big thing – at least it would be for me,” Balzer said. “If I’m looking to take a job as a head coach, I want to know I have a chance to be successful because when you get that chance, if it doesn’t work out, odds are you’re not going to get another one. So I want to know that I have a real chance of success in a league that’s very hard to have success. That’s why I think the Browns are definitely the most attractive job there is.”

The Browns went 7-8-1 this season, this after going 4-44 from 2015-17. They last made the playoffs in 2002.