Giardi: Browns Didn't Want McDaniels After Colts Drama

Ohio native Josh McDaniels may have wanted Cleveland, but Cleveland didn't want him

The DA Show
January 09, 2019 - 11:28 am

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New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will return to the Patriots next season, but that might not have been his first choice.

“I think he wanted Cleveland, and I think the surprise-surprise is Cleveland didn’t want him,” NFL Network analyst Mike Giardi said on The DA Show. “That, to me, was fall-out from last year. I don’t think there’s any question. He wanted Cleveland. It ended up in his hometown paper in Ohio, where his family still resides, that he’s very interested in Cleveland. Where did that come from? That came from, I’m quite certain, Josh’s father. He wanted in, they didn’t want him, and that’s, to me, completely related to the Colts and walking away from them at the eleventh hour the day before the press conference. There’s some residual from that. Maybe time is going to take that way, but that certainly was a surprise to me, that the hometown boy with the bright offensive mind couldn’t even get an interview for Cleveland in that up-and-coming job.”

McDaniels, 42, has been on staff in New England for the vast majority of his coaching career. He served under Bill Belichick from 2001-08 and returned in 2012.

It’s easy to see McDaniels one day replacing the 66-year-old Belichick, but when might that day come?

“If Bill wants to coach until he’s 70 or 71, that’s another four years, five years,” Giardi said. “Does Josh want to hang around for four or five more years? And then go from the hot young coaching commodity to being in his late-40s and haven’t tasted another head-coaching job since he was 32 years old with Denver? Even if there’s a wink-wink, nod-nod, if Bill hasn’t decided when he’s going to go – or maybe Bill got energized again this year and said, ‘I’m not even close to being done’ – then Josh has to look around. I don’t think you want to sit here and be the offensive coordinator for another four or five years. That’s crazy that he would waste that much time sort of waiting around.”

Of course, McDaniels could have been the head coach of the Colts this season. But he jilted them at the altar for no apparent reason.

“Josh never really gave a straight answer about that,” Giardi said. “I don’t think we ever really got a good answer. The one thing I could tell you is maybe there was some trepidation about Jim Irsay and just the way that organization has been run. Although I would counter that by saying Irsay may have his personality quirks and kicks, but he’s generally stayed out of football business. He’s not Jerry Jones holding press conferences after games and having a radio show midweek. He comes in there and gives bizarre postgame speeches, but he tends to not have anything to do with Xs and Os and personnel on your team.”

As it stands, McDaniels will wait at least one more year for a head-coaching gig – something he hasn’t had since 2010.

“I thought the Colts job was the job last year to take, and he didn’t do it,” Giardi said. “This year, I thought the Cleveland job was the job to take, and he couldn’t get a taste of it.”