Freddie Kitchens Is "More Ben McAdoo Than Sean Payton"

From quarterback to head coach, the Cleveland Browns – darlings of the offseason – are a mess

September 24, 2019 - 8:58 am
Freddie Kitchens Browns

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The Cleveland Browns entered the season with Super Bowl expectations. Three games in, they are 1-2 and have looked lost offensively. Their 20-13 loss to the Rams on Sunday Night Football was simply the latest example.

“I think the Browns handed it to them,” Yahoo Sports NFL writer Frank Schwab said on Ferrall on the Bench. “Freddie Kitchens just has too much on his plate. Sometimes the step up from jobs is just too tough for guys. Sean Payton can call a game and be a great head coach. Not everybody can do that. Now it seems Freddie Kitchens is more Ben McAdoo than Sean Payton. The offense has not been good.”

The Browns rank 24th in total offense and 27th in scoring offense (16.3 points per game). The bigger the situation, the worse they’ve looked.

“That draw play on 4th-and-9 or passing four straight times on the 5-yard-line – it doesn’t look good for the Browns right now,” Schwab said. “I’m really wondering. Maybe they’re just not good. I don’t know that necessarily Baker Mayfield is overrated, but he sure doesn’t look good, and the coaching staff sure looks in over its head. It’s just not good news in Cleveland right now.”

Kitchens doesn’t seem to be handling it well. Especially when second-guessed by reporters.

“Again, this is part of the job he wasn’t exposed to before,” Schwab said. “He was happier as an offensive coordinator – interim offensive coordinator – and you’re basically insulated. You’re sitting in your office and devising these game plans and breaking down film and doing what he’s probably pretty good at. He had a good half-season. But everything changes when you move one seat over to the left, to use a basketball term. It’s a different deal. You’re dealing with the media and criticism and everybody jumping on you all the time and whatever drama there is in the locker room that we might or might not know about – it’s a different job, and it doesn’t seem like he’s handling it too well. 

“I get why they hired him,” Schwab continued, “but you do have to wonder was that a mistake? Are they going to have to walk this back if the season doesn’t get back on track pretty soon?”

The Browns (1-2) face the Ravens (2-1) in Baltimore this Sunday. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.