Pete Rose: "I'm Over The Hall Of Fame"

Rose would be "the happiest guy in the world" if he made the Hall of Fame, but he's learned to live without it

Taz and the Moose
June 05, 2019 - 9:03 am
Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame

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Legendary baseball player Pete Rose dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss numerous topics, including his new book, “Play Hungry: The Making of a Baseball Player,” as well as not being in the Hall of Fame.

“Don’t get this wrong, but I’m over the Hall of Fame,” Rose said on Taz & The Moose. “If I ever made the Hall of Fame, I’d be the happiest guy in the world, but I made the Reds’ Hall of Fame – and by the way, the Cincinnati Reds’ Hall of Fame is the best Hall of Fame in all of baseball other than Cooperstown. I got my number retired in Cincinnati. I got my statue in the ballpark in Cincinnati. They play on Pete Rose Way.

“Now if I ever was given the opportunity to go to Cooperstown, I’d be the happiest guy in the world,” Rose continued. “However, I know what kind of player I was. I know what I did do and didn’t do. My fans know what kind of player I was, my teammates know what kind of player I was, and my family knows what kind of player I was.”

Rose, of course, is the game’s all-time hit king but was banned from baseball in 1989.

“Sure, there’s something missing in my life,” the 78-year-old Rose said. “It’s being in Cooperstown – because all my friends are there. But I’m the one who screwed that up, so I’m not going to use your show to complain about it. I’m just going (to try to) live out my life, have a good life, watch my grandkids grow, watch them play and be a better person for the mistakes that I made. That’s all you can do. I wish I could rewrite history, but I can’t rewrite history. If I could, I know right where to start and right where to end.”

Rose also discussed his book, which delves into his upbringing and his relationship with his father.

“He was aggressive, he was punctual, he was enthusiastic – all the things that I was – and he instilled all of that into me,” Rose said. “I never really had a book where I really paid tribute to the guy who was responsible for me playing the way I did. You got to remember: I grew up in the ’40s and the ’50s, and we didn’t have computers, iPhones, iPads. We had sports. I saw (my dad) play, and I knew how he played. My dad was a great athlete, and he just instilled in me the same ingredients that he had – and that’s just playing hard, playing hard every day, being punctual, no excuses, be enthusiastic and be aggressive. That’s all I was when I played the game of baseball. I was everything that he was.”

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