Chavous: I Would Take Chubb AND Barkley If I Were The Browns

Two quarterbacks in the top four? Corey Chavous wouldn't even take one

The DA Show
April 20, 2018 - 10:59 am

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With the NFL Draft less than a week away, speculation is swirling about what the Cleveland Browns will do with picks 1 and 4. Some people believe they’ll take a quarterback No. 1, some people believe they’ll take a quarterback with both picks, and some people believe they might not take a quarterback with either pick. 

Corey Chavous can see the Browns doing any of those things.

“I would take Bradley Chubb (No. 1) because he’s the top player in the draft,” the CBS Sports Network draft analyst said on The DA Show. “And then at No. 4, it would come down to who was still left on the board. But potentially at that point, Saquon Barkley, maybe, if he’s still there. I guess that would be the next pick.”

That means the Browns, barring a trade, wouldn’t draft a quarterback in the first round.

“Well, you have Tyrod Taylor,” Chavous said. “If you took a quarterback at that point, I guess basically what you’re going to do is take the No. 4 pick in the draft and then have Tyrod Taylor sit on the bench for a year? If you’re going to take a quarterback, then I think you take that No. 4 pick and package that back a couple of picks and take one of the quarterbacks maybe later in the first round. So I might take No. 4, trade back, let somebody else take that pick and then take the best quarterback in the draft, Lamar Jackson.”

That’s right. Chavous believes Jackson – not Sam Darnold, not Josh Rosen, not Josh Allen, not Baker Mayfield – is the best quarterback in the draft.

“Well, I think he was the best quarterback, the best player, in college football the last two years,” Chavous said. “He was very dynamic. He’s the most durable quarterback. What games has he missed? And then on top of that, you can go into statistics and (his) outweighs everybody’s by a large margin. I think he has the most upside. Sure, he has some boom-or-bust potential, but his upside is without question higher than the rest of the quarterbacks.”

As for the notion that the Browns could draft a quarterback at 1 and 4, Chavous think it’s plausible – and potentially smart.

“I do like that,” he said. “Not because you necessarily need one but just because you could control the draft with the leverage. I don’t think that’s a far-fetched theory at all if you take one at both. Then somebody has to come play ball with you. But if you’re not going to go that route and you’re taking just the best player available, if you still end up wanting that quarterback, maybe move back after you’ve taken one of the best players in the draft in Chubb. I think you have so many options. It’s kind of a no-fail proposition."