Charlie Weis: Gronk Sources "All Full Of Crap"

Rob Gronkowski will reportedly return to the Patriots at some point in 2019, but Charlie Weis is skeptical, to say the least

Zach Gelb
June 10, 2019 - 3:55 pm
Rob Gronkowski Patriots Rams Super Bowl

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Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL in March. The only problem is a lot of people don’t believe him.

Indeed, Gronkowski will reportedly return to the Patriots at some point during the 2019 season. Charlie Weis, however, isn’t holding his breath.

“No one has any idea what Gronkowski is going to do, so for anyone to say (what) their sources said, they’re all full of crap,” the former Patriots offensive coordinator said on The Zach Gelb Show. “They have no idea what Gronkowski is going to do because Gronkowski doesn’t have any idea what he’s going to do. He’s just enjoying the moment.”

As well he should. The 30-year-old just won his third Super Bowl.

“His body has been beaten up for years,” Weis said. “He’s got a big personality, he’s got a new honey – he’s pretty happy with his life right now just enjoying the freedoms you have when you’re not going through OTAs and not going through mini-camp and not getting ready for training camp. He could get bored. Sometime during the season, he could get bored and decide to do something, but right now, I don’t think that that’s even on his mind.”

But what if Tom Brady wants him back? Could he convince Gronk to return to the field?

“I think if Tommy begged him and recruited him, he’d probably do it,” Weis said. “But I don’t think Tommy would do that. I don’t think Tommy would ask him. I think he’d want that to be Gronk’s decision. I think Tommy realizes that Gronk doesn’t need football. There’s plenty of things that Gronk could be in line to do. With his personality, he can go to Hollywood, he could be an actor, he could go to WWE – he could go make himself a ton of money. That’s not the issue. It’s not about working. If he wants to find something to do, there’s other things he could do with less strain on his body.”

Weis, though, knows firsthand just how difficult it is to “retire.” He last coached in 2014-15 and is now a Sirius XM NFL analyst.

“When you stop doing something you’ve been doing for a long, long time, you go through withdrawal,” he said. “It’s not very easy to do. Everyone thinks it’s easy to retire. It’s not easy because that’s what you’ve done your whole life. I think he’s got plenty of distractions to keep him occupied, and if he comes back, it’ll be because he misses it and he’s bored.”

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