Rose: Muncy, Bumgarner Both In The Right

Max Muncy and Madison Bumgarner exchanged words Sunday afternoon

The DA Show
June 10, 2019 - 1:01 pm

Max Muncy and Madison Bumgarner exchanged words Sunday afternoon, this after Muncy took Bumgarner deep in the first inning and admired his work for a few seconds. 

Bumgarner didn’t like that. He yelled at Muncy, who fired back as he rounded the bases.

Which player was in the right here?

“Both,” MLB Network’s Chris Rose said on The DA Show. “I am all about showing your emotion in baseball. I don’t get the idea of we must protect the integrity of the game, so let’s throw a baseball at somebody when they step out of their little box that they should stay in. If Max Muncy hits one 400-and-a-gazillion feet and you want to stand there for a second and admire your work, go for it. If you have the personality of Madison Bumgarner to go yell at somebody to go run the bases and that’s your personality, go for it.”

The Dodgers won, 1-0, to improve to 45-21 on the season, as Muncy finished 2-for-3 with a walk.

“What I’m happy (about) is MadBum didn’t throw the baseball at him the next time,” Rose said. “That’s where it, to me, gets off-centered. I have this continued discussion with the guys I work with – because I don’t get it. I didn’t play at the major league level, and some players will say, ‘Well, then you won’t ever understand.’ Well, that’s OK, but there’s also players like Tim Anderson, there’s players like Trevor Bauer, who came out and said, ‘It’s hard to hit a major league home run. If you want to sit there and admire it for a while, go for it. It’s my job to get you out next time.’”

Rose believes that’s how it should be.

“That was fun to me yesterday,” he said. “I didn’t see any problem with either side of it. It’s not the way I would do business. I wouldn’t sit there and hit a home run if I were fortunate enough to do it, and I probably wouldn’t yell at anybody circling the bases if I was good enough to pitch in the major leagues. But that’s OK. It’s OK that people are different and have different opinions about that stuff. It’s just that when we’re taking a baseball and firing it 95 miles per hour at somebody because of something they did, to me, that’s always weird.”