Terry Bradshaw's Criticism Of Mike Tomlin Unfair

Bradshaw took yet another shot at Tomlin last week

Taz and the Moose
September 13, 2018 - 9:44 am

Terry Bradshaw has never been a big Mike Tomlin fan. Two years ago, Bradshaw called Tomlin a “cheerleader,” and last week, Bradshaw said Tomlin isn’t “my kind of coach.”

Is this criticism justified? 

“Well, it’s coming from a Hall of Famer – so of course when he speaks, everybody is going to listen, and when you have four Super Bowls, it’s going to be a story,” former NFL quarterback and current Steelers Radio Network analyst Charlie Batch said on Taz & The Moose. “But being around this organization for 15 years – 11 as a player – I haven’t seen Terry Bradshaw walk into that facility. The only time I’ve ever seen him was they brought him back on a reunion and he was honored during a game. I think that was around 2002 that he came back on a Monday night against Indianapolis. 

“Now I know he works and he’s doing a lot of analyst work for FOX,” Batch continued. “But I’m just speaking because I’ve never seen him in that building. I think it’s unfair to Mike Tomlin because all he’s doing is watching from afar and doesn’t get all the necessary information that he should. So I don’t know if there’s a personal rift between him and Mike Tomlin, but it seems like it because it’s the third shot that he took at Coach Tomlin.”

Tomlin has served as Steelers head coach since 2007. He led the franchise to a Super Bowl title in February 2009 and to a Super Bowl appearance in February 2011. The Steelers have won the AFC North three of the last four years and have made the playoffs four years in a row.

“Because I’m on the inside, it’s hard to judge when you’re in California versus being in Pittsburgh and being around this team every day like I have,” Batch said. “I just think it’s (unfair criticism). We’ll see where it goes. I just hope that those two are able to mend the relationship.”