Davis: Five Quarterbacks Could Go In First Round

Charles Davis believes only three quarterbacks should be taken in the first round, but a trusted source told him to expect five

The DA Show
April 16, 2019 - 11:46 am

Kyler Murray is expected to be the first quarterback off the board in the upcoming NFL Draft. In fact, he could go No. 1 overall to Arizona.

NFL Network analyst Charles Davis, however, doesn’t think Murray should be the top pick – or the first quarterback selected.

“I’ve got Haskins ahead of Murray on my deal,” Davis said on The DA Show. “Have since the start and have not changed it.”

Davis gave a first-round grade to 31 prospects in this year’s draft. Dwayne Haskins and Murray are two of them.

“You’re splitting hairs in a lot of ways,” he said. “I have Haskins at 9 and Kyler Murray at 10. I just like Haskins’ ability to throw from the pocket, I like his size, and I like his potential and upside. Remember, he’s a redshirt sophomore. One-year starter. Played against Michigan his freshman year when an injury occurred to J.T. Barrett and helped lead them to a victory. I think he’s got poise, I think he’s got moxie, and I’ve got a curious eye on all this talk about him dropping and being the fourth or fifth quarterback selected. I’m struggling to buy that right now.”

Either way, both will be taken in the first round. So could other quarterbacks, including Duke prospect Daniel Jones.

“I’ve got a second-round grade on him myself,” Davis said of Jones. “I like him, but I don’t have him as a first-rounder. But it wouldn’t shock me at all if he went. In fact, I talked to someone yesterday that I truly respect in the league. We all talk to a bunch of guys, right? But this is one guy that, if he says it, if he tells me something, I really listen to it. He thinks four to five are going in the first round, and he feels like five (is likely). He rocked me on that one.”

That’s right. Five quarterbacks – this after a year in which seemingly every scout and analyst on record said some variation of the following: Get your guy in 2018 because 2019 is a bad year for quarterbacks.

“And then as Justin Herbert jumped out of the draft, it looked worse,” Davis said. “And now we get closer to the draft, quarterback fever kicks in again, and they’re selling me on five. For me, that would mean – in whatever order – Murray, Haskins, (Drew) Lock, Jones, and now your fifth guy for the longest time was Ryan Finley. I think your fifth guy, if indeed five come through, I think what he’s telling me is Will Grier is going in the first round from West Virginia. And that will be very interesting.”

Five quarterbacks, of course, went in the first round last year. For that to happen a second year in a row would be astonishing – yet plausible.

“I think it would be very similar to last year when Baltimore traded back into the first round at 32 and grabbed Lamar Jackson,” Davis said. “Minnesota traded back and grabbed Teddy Bridgewater. That, to me, would be at 32. And by the way, who holds 32? New England. Have they been shy about trading picks? No. So that’s where that comes in. 

“For me, I only choose three in the first round,” Davis continued. “That’s me. But my man is telling me he thinks five are going to go. That’ll get people jumping in Nashville on Thursday night a week from now. Five quarterbacks in a draft they told us was a bad draft for quarterbacks.”