Murray's 207 "Feels Like False Weight To Me"

Charles Davis doesn't believe Kyler Murray will play at 207 pounds – and if he does, "it wouldn't be at his best"

Reiter Than You
February 28, 2019 - 10:13 pm

USA Today Images


For all of the attention that Kyler Murray’s height received at the NFL Combine on Thursday, it was his weight that made Charles Davis do a double-take.

“Two-hundred-seven pounds feels like false weight to me,” the NFL on FOX analyst said on Reiter Than You. “It feels like he’s put on the weight to try and weigh a certain (amount) for the Combine, but I don’t think he would play at that weight – and if he did, it wouldn’t be at his best. This is a lot of extra weight, to me, that he’s added on. I’m quite sure plenty of it is water weight. But 207, I don’t know that people were looking for him to be that big.”

In fact, Murray had a higher Combine weight than Russell Wilson in 2012.

“Russell Wilson checked in at 204, but he carried it naturally back in the day,” Davis said. “I think that by his Pro Day, Kyler Murray will probably be between 190 and 195. But it’s not a big deal. The number that was most significant was 5-10 and one-eighths. You talk about palpable relief for him and the people in his camp, anyone rooting for him – because nowadays 5-10 and one-eighth sounds like 6-3 when you’re talking about the smaller quarterbacks.”

Indeed, there were rumors that Murray would measure in the 5-8s, which would have been a deal-breaker for many teams.

“If he did measure in the 5-8s, we’d probably be having a different discussion right now,” Davis said. “But 5-10 and one-eighths, I think now we get to go back and focus on watching him play football on tape again. . . . We’re back to talking about him at No. 1 with Arizona. That’s where the conversation begins now.”

And it’s where the conversation might end.

“If an organization is going to make one of the most unconventional hires going (with) Kliff Kingsbury – fired coach at Texas Tech, losing record at Texas Tech, played zero defense at Texas Tech – but is an offensive guy and quarterback guru, why would you now go conventional with your draft pick?” Davis asked. “Unconventional is Kyler Murray. If you like him better than what you’ve got with Josh Rosen, so be it. You picked Josh Rosen last year, you try to trade him to get some value, and you draft Kyler Murray. I was not in that camp until the last 24 to 48, and now I’m like, ‘Hmm, it makes sense.’ I’m not ruling it out.”