Davis On Cam Newton: I Don't Think He's 100% Healthy

Panthers QB Underwent Shoulder Surgery In Offseason

The DA Show
September 13, 2019 - 11:54 am

The Carolina Panthers had a chance to overtake the Buccaneers with 64 seconds left in regulation on Thursday night.

Instead of 6-foot-5 Cam Newton maneuvering two yards into the end zone, the Panthers opted for a direct snap to running back Christian McCaffrey, who then faked a handoff to Curtis Samuel. The Panthers never reached the end zone. McCaffrey was tackled out of bounds, yards shy of the Panthers likely grabbing the win at Bank of America Stadium. The play call along with most of Thursday's contest left football fans and pundits wondering about Newton's health, questioning if the quarterback is indeed fully healthy.

NFL Analyst Charles Davis discussed Newton's status on The D.A. Show.

"I don't think he's 100% healthy," Davis said. "Because there was a number of throws, they were short. They weren't quiet there. I don't think he's 100% healthy but he's not going to admit it. He's not going to take himself out of the lineup to try and get healthy. They're 0-2 now. He's going to try and be part of the solution, but I just wonder if that's what it was because to go to a variety of "Philly Philly" and to counter as apposed to 'let's give it to the horse and let's ride.' Maybe there's something more there."

Newton threw for 324 yards on 24 completions in the Panthers' loss. He didn't have a significant role in the team's running game, failing to gain a single yard on two carries. In January, Newton underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his right shoulder. His shoulder is the reason why Newton sat out of the final two weeks last season. 

"I don't know if they're trying to protect the shoulder by not having him be the short-yardage goal-line runner that he's been for his entire career when they weren't worried about having to protect anything," Newton said. "He's the only quarterback that we've known - this is how unique he is that you would pay him whatever the amount of money is and he's going to be one of the highest-paid players because he's won an MVP and he's done all these great things - and not from your management on down tell your coaching staff that 'can we not get our quarterback hit?" He's going to be a central part of the run game. That's how unique he is.

"We're going to look back at one point, he's going to be the guy we saw 20 years early if that makes sense. He's going to be our George Jetson, our Maxwell Smart. All those things we saw when we were kids and thought, 'boy, that is super futuristic.' That's kind of what Cam is because there's nobody else built like him with ability to run and throw and all those things."

Where would the Panthers go if Newton isn't able to replicate his old playing style and is forced to rely heavy on his arm?

"It means everything changes for what they're going to try and do on offense," Davis said. "His best throws are still off of the run-action. You saw the RPO type throws he made last night. Those are still probably the best throws he made of the evening. He hit Greg Olsen, who was open running down the seam. Most of those were off of a RPO or some type of quick play action where he sticks the ball out there, pulls it back, then ball's out of his hand quick. If you're talking about doing the rest of it? What I saw last night would lead me to be concerned."

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